Top 5 Text Editors to Install on Windows 10

Top 5 Text Editors to Install on Windows 10

Text editor software can prove to be pretty handy for any Windows user. With a text editor software, editing any files becomes much convenient and straightforward. In fact, they have become a need for all the developers now. Are you also searching for a text editor for your Windows 10 computer? With so many available options, sometimes, it becomes challenging to choose the best one. If you are also unable to decide which text editor software you should choose for your computer, then you should go through this complete article. For the Windows 10 users, here we have mentioned the list of the best text editors that they can use on their computer system.

However, all the Windows computers come with an inbuilt text editor (Notepad) developed by Microsoft. This pre-installed text editor lacks various useful features that you can find on other software. So, if you want to install any other text editor on your Windows 10 computer, then please consider having a look at the below-mentioned list.


Notepad++ is one of the best and most popular text editors designed for all the versions of the Windows operating system. And the best part about using this excellent text editor is it is completely free to use. Notepad++ includes various useful and advanced editing features that can be easily accessed. This software enables users to edit multiple files altogether. One can also use a split view for editing two files at one time. Coding and manipulating the text with this software seem much easier because it uses syntax highlighting and folding. You can also use the Search and Replace tool that comes within the Notepad++. You can download and store the software on a pen drive also. So, go and check out this excellent product now.

Sublime Text

The Sublime Text editor is also one of the favorite text editors among millions of Windows users. It also offers a free trial with great features. One can also have the paid version of the Sublime Text editor available at an amount of $80. It’s a lightweight software that will not consume large space on your computer system. One can use the Sublime Text editor in the dark mode as well. And using the sidebar, one can quickly switch between files and functions. With the Goto Anything functionality, one can jump quickly to any line, word, or file. It has a user-friendly interface, and it can be accessed for both personal and business purposes.


MeetingsWords is a text editor software that can be accessed not only on Windows computers, but it can be installed on all other operating systems as well. It is the only text editing tool that can be accessed within a web browser. MeetingWords enables users to work in collaboration with other users on a single file. The features included in this software are also great. For instance, it allows the users to undo the changes made by some other users. While working on a file, you can also chat with other users. This is a free text editing software that one should use to make the text editing more fun and less time-consuming.


The Brackets is also considered as a great text editor software that comes with multiple great functionalities. Using this software is also easy. However, it is mainly designed keeping in mind the needs of the developers. But, if you want, you can use the Brackets text editor for normal editing also. The visual tools included in this software allow you to view the coding results and enable you to make the changes using the functionality of Live Preview. All the other features included in this software are split-screen, dark mode, syntax highlighting, keyboard shortcuts, and much more than that. You can get the Brackets text editor software without any charges.


Atom is a popular open source text editor. It is user-friendly, and comes with an array of extensions. It is a decent text editor and code editor with a host of functionality. The best things about Atom are its flexibility, reliability, and readiness for personalization.

So, these were the top text editors that any Windows 10 users can use on their computer system. So, go ahead and get any of the software now. And keep visiting the site to read more articles like this.


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