Anime LasDan is the Latest Series in Power Fantasy Genre

Anime LasDan is the Latest Series in Power Fantasy Genre

LasDan recounts the story of Llyod, a kid who lives in a village just next to the last dungeon. The kid aspires to become a soldier so he moves to a big city hoping that he will be able to achieve his dreams. In Lloyd’s fantasy world, the descendants of the legendary saviors of the world settled in his village many years ago. Since the kid is the weakest in his village, he has no clue how powerful he is for the people outside his small world. The oblivious protagonist then goes on an adventurous journey unaware of the challenges and fun that awaits.

The Power fantasy series is growing in popularity these days. However, LasDan is definitely not an isekai reincarnation story like Jobless Reincarnation since the protagonist is already living in a fantasy world. Much of the show’s comedy and drama comes from the fact that Llyod is unaware that he is overpowered. Most of the time, when others discover the protagonist’s true power they are shocked. But in LasDan, that scenario is reversed since everyone else is aware of Llyod’s abilities except for him. The series uses over-the-top funny animations to make the show even more interesting.

However, Power fantasy stories do have one serious problem to deal with. Since there is no suspense and dramatic tension with an overpowered protagonist, viewers can get bored very soon. So, to be successful it is important that the protagonist of such a series have goals or ambitions that balance the overpowered-ness of the main character. A great example of such big goals or obstacles is nation-building in Reincarnated as a Slime and Overlord. Such goals or obstacles are not easily achieved or overcome even by the most powerful characters. So, the series does not get boring soon. 

The creators of LasDan have made very clever choices and they have not failed to take into account the key reason for the failure of the Power fantasy series. There is a twist as well. Even though Llyod has a clear goal in his mind, he is not aware that his goals are too small for someone like him. But surprisingly, Llyod fails the entrance test of the military in the very first episode for some strange reason. It reinforces the idea for Lloyd that he is weak and inadequate. While the viewer’s expectations are subverted as they are not sure what might happen next. The future conflicts of this unique power fantasy story then await fans as they are left completely clueless.


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